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August 19, 2015
FEATURED NEWS: Northern composter
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Interest rises in manure as crop profit margins fall

Yes, this story is about manure. Go ahead. Smirk. Crack a joke. Get it out of your system. But when you’re ready to be serious, you’ll find that manure is increasingly seen as a resource to utilize, not a nuisance to be disposed of. >> Read full article

Debate continues on compost barns for dairy cows

The value of housing for dairy cows is a frequent topic of discussion. Some believe a low cost, low input production system (like blue sky housing), will lead to a more favorable bottom line than a system that invests in an expensive housing structure. >> Read full article

BIOFerm offering free AD feasibility studies to small dairies

BIOFerm Energy Systems is offering free feasibility studies to small dairies interested in a new funding program being offered by Focus on Energy. >> Read full article

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 Featured News 

Northern composter

Egg producer Choice North Farms generates almost 3,850 tons of poultry manure annually that it landfills on a designated leased site. The owners wondered if there was a better use for this byproduct and the idea of composting came to mind. If successful, this could help boost farm production in northern Canada by providing a much-needed building block for developing productive soils.

The farm houses about 117,000 laying hens producing about 37 million eggs per year near Hay River in the Northwest Territories (NWT). >> Learn More…

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 Event Calendar 

Beef Farmers of Ontario's 8th Annual Cow-Calf Roadshow

September 9-10, 2015
More details to come. >> More Info

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

November 6-15, 2015
Location: Exhibition Place, Toronto, ON >> More Info