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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability April 2, 2014
Manure management in WI goes mobile
To help farmers look ahead to runoff conditions and nutrient management, Wisconsin’s Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast (RRAF) is available as a page friendly for mobile devices. It can be found at
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Written plans part of eastern nutrient mandate
Chesapeake Bay area crop and livestock producers are in their second year of government-mandated nutrient management regulations.
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Vermont cautions farmers on manure spreading
The Vermont Agriculture Agency is urging farmers to delay spring manure spreading until after the snow melts to avoid polluting the state’s rivers and streams.
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Planning for poop
When Melissa Lehman decided to leave her job at a big agribusiness company and open her own small business, she knew she could help farmers deal with the one of the biggest issues facing livestock producers: how to deal with animal waste.
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