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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability March 5, 2014
Carbon Credit Solutions launches carbon bank
CarbonCredit Solutions (CCSI), involved in the field of carbon credit aggregation, is launching a carbon bank.
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WSDA Dairy NMP call for proposals
The Dairy Nutrient Management Program is issuing a call for proposal(s) for 2014 Livestock Nutrient Management Account Grants. Proposals are due April 15, 2014.
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EU decision on poultry manure welcomed
Poultry manure is the latest biomass fuel to be certified in Europe. The decision means poultry muck as an animal-by-product can be combusted on farms to create renewable energy, good news for UK farmers.
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Wastewater discharge in Iowa
The Cargill Meat Solutions Plant in Ottumwa recently reported a discharge from the plant into a storm sewer.
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