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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability November 27, 2013
AgStar website looking for input
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working on changes to the AgSTAR website. Plans are to reorganize the content on so it is easier to find and better meets the needs of visitors. For this, they need input.
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Sampling soil for phosphorus still requirement in CA
The Central Valley Water Board has recently sent out letters to all dairies covered under the General Order for existing dairies notifying them the order has been revised and reissued.
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IA farmers controlling feedlot runoff
Three farmers in the Headwaters North Fork Maquoketa River Watershed recently showed what they are doing to keep dairy and beef feedlot runoff out of waterways.
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NY dairy farm receives $403,000 grant for digester
A $403,627 federal grant will help make it so electricity produced by processing methane gas from cow manure will power Woodcrest Dairy Farm in a couple of years.
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