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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability October 16, 2013
MRSA MRSA and manure
Living close to a farm that sprays manure may have worse implications than simply a bad smell – it could make people extremely sick, say researchers.
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Nfld farm turning manure into electricity
The manure from about 1,200 cows at New World Dairy Inc. in St. David’s is now producing power and helping feed and bed the animals.
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MI DEQ monitors another manure spill
A liquid manure spill in Huron County led to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality being called to the scene.
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UVM students hone compost process
The research project currently underway at the University of Vermont might look like a 15,000-pound pile of cow manure and used straw next to a greenhouse, but it is actually a finely tuned heat and nutrient source for the greenhouse’s tomato beds.
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