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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability July 25, 2013
Scientist looks at long-term manure use
A scientist studying how manure impacts both soil and crop productivity over many years has been somewhat surprised by how much impact she is seeing in the first year.
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MSU to host waste to resources field day Aug. 13
On Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, Michigan State University and Michigan State University Extension will host Keeping it Green: Recycling Waste to Resources to highlight campus-based projects focused on reducing and reusing organic waste.
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Manure Expo 2013 Check out your options at the Manure Expo!
The North American Manure Expo will be held on August 20 and 21, 2013, the premier event of its kind in Canada. This year, our theme of the 2013 event is "Getting It Right: Precision manure application."
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MDA resubmits phosphorus tool
The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) has recently proposed changes to the Maryland Phosphorus Management Tool order to request emergency status for the regulations, to ensure that they will be in place for the fall planting season.
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