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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability July 10, 2013
New Rosedale biodigester is under construction
Over 8,500 cows at Rosedale Dairy will soon have their manure used to create biogas through a biodigester.
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New tech highlighted in Madison Science Review
Ohio State University’s 2013 Manure Science Review, an educational program for farmers, livestock managers, certified crop advisers, professional engineers and others, will be taking place on Aug. 6 in Bucyrus, Ohio at Hord Livestock Farms from 8:50-3 p.m. The program features talks and field demonstrations on applying and managing manure, improving soil and crop yields, and protecting water quality.
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Manure Equipment Auction

Looking to buy or sell used manure handling equipment? Come to the Auction! Thursday, July 25 at Puck Custom Enterprises in Manning, Iowa. Accepting Consignments until Friday, July 19th. Fully detailed listing online at

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Manure issues for Wisconsin farmers
Recent heavy rains following a wet spring could lead to overflowing manure facilities in Wisconsin, say state officials.
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Mid-season option for nitrogen application
After the heavy rainfall Southwest Michigan saw in late June, many fields need one more option for nitrogen application. Your fields may have lost part of your nitrogen to water through de-nitrification or had nitrates move below the root zone following heavy rainfall, or it may be that the crop just grew so fast that you missed the side dress window.
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