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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability June 12, 2013
Cows Researchers focusing on dairy’s carbon footprint
Researchers at the University of Arkansas are attempting to help the U.S. dairy industry decrease its carbon footprint as concentrations of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere reach record levels.
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Turning cow manure into electricity
For the past three decades, dairy farmer Ron Koetsier has tried unsuccessfully to turn the manure from his 1,200 cows into energy to power his 450-acre farm in Visalia.
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VA dairy makes changes following manure spill
After a mechanical problem caused a manure spill earlier this year, a Virginia dairy instituted a number of changes in its operation — including a berm around a manure pit, more personnel training and reduction of the dairy herd.
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IA county turns down proposed hog lot plan
Tama County, Iowa, supervisors unanimously agreed that plans for a proposed hog confinement operation did not score high enough for a construction permit.
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