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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability April 3, 2013
Manure Happens Manure happens, make the most of it
Livestock manure is a great fertilizer and soil amendment. When proper manure management practices are followed, livestock manure can be utilized as a valuable nutrient resource rather than treated as a waste.
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Load of manure not ‘instrument of husbandry’
One farmer's trailer of liquid fertilizer may be an “implement of husbandry,” but another’s giant truck of dry manure is not, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals has ruled.
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WA mink farm fined for manure discharge
The owner of two Deming-area mink farms is being fined $48,000 by the Washington Department of Ecology for discharging water contaminated with manure into nearby creeks.
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Rapid snowmelt in MN poses challenge
As a winter of heavy snowfall and freezing rain gives way to warming temperatures, rapid melting and potential for flooding pose challenges for manure management among the more than 25,000 livestock farms in Minnesota.
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