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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability January 23, 2013
Ladies of Manure Fashionable fertilizer
Manure is, by its very nature, a very messy topic. Farmers and growers love the stuff, but to the general public, there is not a lot of excitement about the multitude of uses available for excrement (both human and animal). The Fertile Earth Foundation, an environmental non-profit based in Miami, has put out a "Ladies of Manure 2013 Calendar" featuring beautiful women surrounded by all manner of manure to help combat this negative attitude.
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Advanced nutrient management course Feb. 5-6
The University of Missouri Extension Commercial Agriculture Program along with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service will hold the 2013 Annual Advanced Nutrient Management Course Feb. 5-6 at the MU Bradford Research Center, Columbia.
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Attend the Manure Forum Feb. 7 at CIFS
Manure Manager and the Canadian International Farm Show have joined forces to present a Manure Forum Feb. 7, 2013, during the annual farm show. Dustin Ransom, a custom manure applicator from Wisconsin, will be discussing the latest in GPS and the emerging technology of variable rate manure application.
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Midwest Manure Summit Feb. 26-27
Manure management is constantly evolving. Livestock producers and custom manure applicators can hear about the latest evolutions during an upcoming two-day conference in Green Bay, WI. The 2013 Midwest Manure Summit is being held Feb. 26-27 at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Green Bay.
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