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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability November 14, 2012
Pigs Smell of pigs raises blood pressure
It would seem the smell of a hog farm is more than just an annoyance to some people; it could also have an impact on their health.
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Horses CT company turns horse manure into fuel
A local company is using manure from area horses to make bricks for heating and there is a growing demand for the product.
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Pork Expo Midwest Pork Conference will include manure issues
The 2012 Midwest Pork Conference, being held Dec. 4 at the Hendricks County Conference Complex, will feature discussion of manure management issues and Indiana’s CAFO rules.
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DeLaval barn system controller wins award
At EuroTier 2012, a European trade show dedicated to agriculture, DeLaval’s barn system controller (BSC) was awarded the EuroTier silver medal for innovation.
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