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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability October 17, 2012
WI cow manure WI cow manure could replace coal – report
According to a recent Wisconsin Bioenergy Initiative (WBI) study, Wisconsin could become a national leader in bioenergy production using waste from the state’s prosperous agriculture and food processing sectors.
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Tempers flare at IA manure management meeting
State Environment Protection Commission members were bombarded with jeers, catcalls and insults from angry environmentalists after the seven-member panel let stand a rule allowing limited application of liquid manure on Iowa farmland.
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EarthCleanz is a division of Green Earth Naturally, LLC.

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MDA receives funding for manure transport program
The Maryland Department of Agriculture received $500,000 in additional funding from the Chesapeake Bay 2010 Trust Fund to expand its Manure Transport Program.
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Fall Manure Fall manure management
When corn silage harvest is done, one of the next jobs we will be looking at is spreading manure.
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