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More from Manure Manager | Equipment | Energy September 5, 2012
Water Quality Water quality plan workshops set for CA
A series of water quality plan and waste management workshops are slated for North Coast dairy producers on Sept. 10, Sept. 11 and Sept. 18.
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Interpreting manure tests made easier
Getting manure tested is an important part of nutrient management planning. Manure “book values” is only a starting point. Actual sampling and analysis better defines application rates – reducing the chance for misapplication and increased environmental risk.
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WelTec BioPower enters biogas business
WelTec BioPower has begun construction of a bio gas plant in Darżyno, Poland, that will be supplied with maize, manure and potato waste.
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How to work with your custom manure operator
Working with a custom manure operator can make a producer’s job easier but following a few tips from the customer operator can make the job even more painless.
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