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More from Manure Manager | Equipment | Energy August 22, 2012
Cow power Vermont film documents Cow Power
A young Vermont woman knows a great way to protect the environment – Cow Power, which has become the subject, and title, of her newest documentary film.
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EPA Iowa CAFO meeting Aug. 30
EPA Region 7 representatives will meet with livestock producers on Aug. 30 at the American Legion Hall, 210 W. Head Street, Arcadia, Iowa. The EPA’s inspection program for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), winter feeding areas, aerial overflights, medium-sized CAFOs, nutrient management plans and manure stockpiles will be discussed.
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Waste-water Researcher helps remove phosphorus from wastewater
A professor at Michigan State University is part of a team developing a new method of removing phosphorous from our wastewater – a problem seriously affecting lakes and streams across the country.
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Poultry manure processing plant in the works in CA
Plans are underway to turn 20 acres west of Sutter, CA, into a poultry manure composting facility. A California company plans to take chicken litter from Foster Farms and other Central Valley operations, mix it with agricultural minerals, heat it and sell the finished product to farmers for soil amendment or fertilizer.
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