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More from Manure Manager | Equipment | Energy August 8, 2012
Turning Manure into Asphalt Turning manure into asphalt
At any farm, managing the manure from your livestock can be a major inconvenience and disposing of it can cost a lot of money. But, one company is looking at swine manure in a different way.
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EPA doesn’t know where farms are: report
According to a recent report to Congress, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has failed to regulate pollution from U.S. livestock farms because it lacks basic information, such as how many farms exist.
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Using wastewater as fertilizer
Sewage sludge, wastewater and liquid manure are valuable sources of fertilizer for food production. Researchers have now developed a chemical-free, eco-friendly process that enables the recovered salts to be converted directly into organic food for crop plants. Phosphorus is a vital element not only for plants but also for all living organisms.
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Methane kills dog, injures man on B.C. farm
A Kelowna-area man is in hospital and his dog is dead following a bizarre accident on a farm northeast of the city.
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