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More from Manure Manager | Equipment | Energy June 13, 2012
Stolen Tractor Stolen tractor hidden in MB manure pile
A $300,000 tractor stolen from a Manitoba business has been recovered – albeit in much smellier condition than it started in. Fisher Branch RCMP in Manitoba recently raided a property southwest of the town. There, they found a stolen tractor hidden under a 15-foot-high manure pile.
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Canada’s first dairy event coming February 2013
The Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX), a new large-scale dairy event and a first ever for Canada, is coming to Stratford, Ont., in February 2013. It’s hoped the event will mix dairy agribusiness, breed associations, and the research community under one huge roof with dairy producers and global industry stakeholders.
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ASABE revises manure odor management standard
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) recently announced the publication of a newly revised standard on the management of manure odors The revised standard – ASAE EP379.5 APR2012, Management of Manure Odors – corrects outdated information plus additional wording clarifications and format changes.
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U.S. EPA launches waste to biogas mapping tool
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Pacific Southwest region has launched an online waste to biogas mapping tool to support the use of organic waste for energy projects. The tool is an interactive map created to link food and other biodegradable waste sources with facilities such as dairies with anaerobic digesters that can enhance energy production with their existing infrastructure.
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