Seed Treatment

Ontario potato crop update May 2016

The early-planted potato crop in the Leamington area is sprouting nicely with strong, healthy sprouts. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

Empty seed and pesticide bag pilot program returns to Ontario April 2015

CleanFARMS will be operating an extended pilot project to collect and safely dispose of empty bags, at no cost to participating farmers. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

Reason now available as seed piece treatment for potatoes April 2014

April 4, 2014, Guelph, Ont. – Reason, a foliar potato fungicide from Bayer CropScience Canada, is now registered for use as a seed piece treatment. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

Syngenta receives registration for new seed treatment February 2014

Syngenta Canada Inc. has received registration for Cruiser Maxx Potato Extreme seed treatment for use on potato crops in Canada. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

New fungicide for potato growers February 2014

Bayer CropScience Canada has received registration for Serenade Soil, a new biological fungicide for fruit and vegetable crops, including potatoes. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

New chemistry and new combination offer more protection February 2010

Proven and new chemistry products launched by Syngenta Crop Protection Canada in 2009 are giving growers some new options for seed treatments and late blight control. Revus, registered in 2009, is billed as a “late blight specialist,” while Cruiser Max Potatoes is the first liquid seed piece treatment for both insect and disease control. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

Beneficial potato bacteria March 2012

One day soon, you might be able to give your potato crop an extra boost from beneficial bacteria, thanks to some innovative studies by Ontario researchers. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

What makes chloropicrin a good pick? March 2013

The variety of soil pathogens keep potato growers busy mitigating their potential crop damage, but a product that has been around for nearly a century is becoming more welcome in fields. Chloropicrin has a long track record of effectiveness on many soil-borne pathogens, including verticillium wilt, scab, Colletotrichum (black dot), rhizoctonia, fusarium, and phytophthora. First used on pineapples in Hawaii, the product is making its way into Canada’s potato fields. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

Tweaking fertility February 2013

Adjusting fertility programs by the tiniest increment could net a yield increase. All that might be required is better understanding the soil’s needs or choosing nutrient materials that will work more effectively in particular soil profiles. Like this? Tweet it to your followers!

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