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Amity Technology, based in Fargo, N.D., manufactures air seeding equipment including air drills and air carts, sugar beet equipment, soil samplers and crop management products.  

The Single Disc Drill is the first totally new seeding concept in generations.  It is extremely effective in no-till and conventional cropping systems.  Its patented opposing single discs are extremely effective in high residue field conditions, and it has mid-row fertilizer placement capability with no change to the seeding configuration. The seeding depth is easy and quick to set and down pressure can be adjusted on the go from the tractor seat. This allows for precision depth control and consistent seed placement.

The Air Double Disc Drill is an extremely effective minimum tillage drill with excellent seed placement at higher field speeds, and an efficient and reliable drill for a variety of crops.  This proven seeding technology has been re-engineered for less maintenance and greater precision. The air double disc drill is available in 40- and 45-foot widths, with six or 6 3/4-inch row spacing.

The Air Till Drill, a single pass “direct seed” drill, is unmatched in shank seeding technology. The exclusive 5.5-inch wide, fully pneumatic packer wheels mounted on walking beams provide maximum seedbed utilization and more uniform packing. Nitrogen banding options allow growers to apply 100 percent of required fertilizer during seeding. The air till drill is available in 40-, 50- and 60-foot widths.

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