Feds invest in fruit processing in Saskatchewan

by Press release | Apr 2012

April 18, 2012, Saskatoon, Sask – The federal government recently announced a $200,000 investment for new equipment to provide additional processing options for fruit growers and clients of the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre.

The investment will expand the food centre’s capacity to process small fruit and extract juice from raw mash. Local fruit processors and food producers will now be able to develop new product lines from this refining process.

Saskatchewan’s fruit growers have reached production capacity on current product lines (jams, pies and syrups). This new equipment will allow fruit processors to affordably produce condensed liquid in volume for commercial use and develop snacks and/or juices.

"This investment will allow the food centre to purchase equipment to commercially extract and purify juice from Saskatchewan grown fruits,” said Muriel Garven, chairperson of the board of directors of the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre. “The equipment includes a Bucher Vasilin juice press and auxiliary equipment to purify the juice for use in value added products.”

“There is identified demand for juice, concentrates and powders derived from Saskatchewan fruits. Fruit growers and processors will benefit from the food centre’s increased capacity to assist in exploring new opportunities in the ingredient and health markets."

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